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Level 4

Tahap 4

Program Novakid Tahap 4 dibuat untuk kanak-kanak berumur 11-12 tahun. Kursus ini membolehkan kanak-kanak mencapai tahap kecekapan berbahasa yang tinggi, dengan menggabungkan gabungan perbendaharaan kata yang kaya, tatabahasa lanjutan, teks maklumat untuk membaca dan perbualan yang menarik dengan guru. Setelah menamatkan Tahap 4, seorang kanak-kanak dapat mengikuti Ujian Tahap A2 (YLE Flyers) (Mendengarkan dan Bercakap)

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Communication skills
CLIL classes

By the end of Level 4 students are able to:

  • speak about holidays
  • speak about future events (meetings, plans, predictions)
  • speak about the weather and different plans according to the weather
  • mengambil dan memberi nasihat
  • speak about animals and compare their habitats
  • speak about recent experience
  • speak about professions and their features
  • speak about personal talents and professional plans
  • speak about location of objects
  • speak about different places and professions
  • speak about vacation and travelling
  • describe feelings, tastes, appearance
  • speak about clothes in detail (styles, materials, patterns)
  • speak about personal interests
  • speak about films, discuss the plot and express opinions on it
  • expand on past events
  • speak about plans
  • gunakan kata kerja frasa untuk menghuraikan pengembaraan dan pembersihan

Students expand vocabulary on the following topics:

  • common verb combinations
  • weather
  • months
  • everyday activities
  • landscapes and reservoirs
  • professions
  • school subjects
  • places
  • household items
  • transport
  • feelings
  • clothes
  • cinema genres
  • tourist equipment

Level 4 (Flyers) grammar includes the following definitions and structures:

  • Present Simple, Present Continuous tenses and the difference between them
  • Future Simple tense
  • conditional sentences of type 0 and 1 (If ..., then ...)
  • should / shouldn't
  • comparative adjectives with the structures 'as ... as', 'not as ... as'
  • articles in the names of geographical objects
  • verbs must / mustn't, have to / don't have to
  • prepositions of place
  • Present Perfect tense
  • passive constructions (Present Simple Passive)
  • too / enough
  • difference between Present Perfect and Past Simple
  • 'going to' structure and features of its use
  • conjunctions so, or, but, because, and
  • adverbs used to express a sequence
  • punctuation marks ? / !

The child can accurately read the learned vocabulary, understands and answers questions on fairly long texts.

Does your child hate Math? Does History seem hard? Or maybe falls behind in Geography? For true English fans, nothing is impossible! Take a look at familiar school subjects in a new way! Exciting and informative CLIL lessons (Content and language integrated learning) will give your child the opportunity to dwell into the world of numbers and logic, continents and landscapes, the most important historical events and inventions of mankind, making the most out of the skills acquired at Novakid.

Teachers discuss the following topics with students:

  • Mathematics (origin of Arabic numbers, mathematical tricks, puzzles)
  • Weather around the world
  • Landscapes
  • You are what you eat! (basics of proper nutrition)
  • Geography (South Africa and New Zealand - what they are known for)
  • The history of telecommunications (from drums to mobile phones, how does an emoticon differ from an emoji)
  • 60s (what came before the invention of the Internet)
  • Dinosaurs! (types, habitat, version of the causes of extinction)
  • Environmental protection (global warming what will happen if ...)

Jangan teragak-agak!Cuba belajar bahasa Inggeris dengan penutur asli.

Guru kami akan bergaul dengan anak itu, menguji tahap bahasa Inggeris semasa dan memberi inspirasi kepada mereka untuk belajar bahasa itu!
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